Top 3 Best Twitter Apps for Windows 8

You will find many apps in windows 8 now. As time passed the apps in windows app store kept increasing and today you will find all types of apps for anything and everything. You may also have lots of choice on which app to choose. So here I am to discuss on which twitter app is best for you.

3. TweeTRO

tweeTRO is developed by Lazywormapps team which is the most prominent team in Windows Phone community. One of the most famous app by them is metro tube, a you tube application for windows. The app goes hand in hand with the new UI and you will be able to perform all basic functions using this app.

Some of the prominent features provided by tweeTRo are app browsing, custom element, inline support for images, tweets and web links, semantic zoom, custom element etc. this is the only app which support multiple accounts (more than 5). This app is designed beautifully and is also rich in features. This is one of the best twitter apps found until now.


ROWI is popular among windows phone. This app is more compatible with windows phone when compared to other twitter apps. This app also goes well with metro UI, but still there are few features which are yet in the implementing stage. Apart from this features like live tiles, multiple accounts are also missing.

The left side of the pane has home and few important icons at the top of the application. Below that is the list of the tweets with the categories options. The post when clicked, will extent itself in the right side column of the screen.  You will also have support of images, videos and maps. Therefore, it is a good app but not the best app for twitter.

Top 3 Best Twitter Apps for Windows 8

1. Flip Toast

Flip Toast is a twitter and facebook client for windows 8. This was the first twitter app which was available in windows 8. This is the unique app which supports multiple social networking. It supports all the basic features of both the application. It lets you post the images, status in a facebook application and  tweet, retweet posts, reply to tweet and do much more in twitter application.

It utilizes social graph feature to enable you to find social content using the search feature. In short, both the application works well together. Unlike Rowi, FlipToast support live tile update and notification to notify you about the latest messages.

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