Top 4 Best Tools to Create Animated Videos Online

A video is one of the most powerful tools used for marketing. Animated videos, however, are becoming very popular these days simply because of the attractiveness with which anything can be demonstrated. With the advent of a number of tools, creating an animated video is getting easier each day. There are many downloadable and online tools available on the web to create animated videos. In this section, we present you few of the best online tools available to create, edit, save and share animated videos.

4. Wideo

Wideo is a free online tool to create animated videos in few simple steps. In this service, an animated video can be created by simply dragging and dropping elements into the wideo editor and then sequencing them in the required order. Wideo has many attractive elements that include text, cartoon and drawings. The timing of each animation can also be adjusted according to your choice. Go to

3. Common Craft

Common Craft is another tool that can be used to create short animated videos and presentations without downloading any software. However, you can also create animated videos offline by downloading, if you wish to. The tool also has few demonstration videos that can be edited and used for your business to save time. Unlike other online tools, Common Craft involves paper cut outs, drawings, etc for creating videos. Go to

Top 4 Best Tools to Create Animated Videos Online

2. Powtoon

Powtoon is a tool similar to Common Craft which involves paper cut outs, voice over, etc to create your presentations. It has a quick and powerful video editor that can help marketing professionals. It has a simple process that helps you and guides you throughout to create eye catching videos. It also has demo videos to make it easier for you! Go to

1. GoAnimate

GoAnimate is an online tool for creating attractive animated videos. This tool has business and school versions which range at different prices. It does not require you to draw. All you have to do is create characters as you want from about 50 templates. There are also pre-recorded voices in case you don’t want to record one of your own. Also, the business version allows you to create high definition videos. Go to

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