Top 4 Office Suite Android Apps for Documents

When on a PC we generally use Microsoft Office to create, edit and share documents. But when it’s on your smart phone, what can be done? How would one access files while on a business trip? It’s simple! All of us own smart phones and tablets in today’s world. And by downloading a few apps on it, we could easily carry documents, presentations and spreadsheets along, even while traveling. These smart and handy portable devices have made life really easy for professionals due to awesome features and compact sizing.

You would find a host of office suit apps available on the Android app store- Google Play. Yes, they do vary a little in features when compared to the standard ones on our laptops and PC but that is because our smart phones and tablets are touch screen sensory, so the input style is accordingly optimized. Let’s have a look at top four office suites for your Android smart devices.

1. Office 365

Coming from the house of Microsoft, this power packed office suite offers the complete range of the standard office suite software applications, but on the Android platform. Be it Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and a host of others, the app allows seamless connectivity with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service. This app is specially designed for big screen tablets. All you need to do is create an account on Office 365 program to be able to activate the app on the android tablet or smart phone.

2. DocumentsToGo

This app is one of the oldest office suits available. The free trial version allows only viewing of files, while the paid version allows creating and editing of documents. One feature that makes DocumentsToGo standout from its competitors is allowing input from external keyboards when connected via Bluetooth. This app also supports Google Drive.

Top 4 Office Suite Android Apps

3. Polaris Office Suite

This app is an awesome combination of classy looks and simple ways to create PowerPoint presentations. The floating menu button makes it super convenient to view and edit documents. Yes, it is not supported by all Android tablets, but it usually comes as a built-in suite in the Samsung’s range of smart phones and tablets and is very popular. This app is one of the very few free applications which could provide a real competition to the premium ones.

4. QuickOffice

As per Google’s recent announcement, QuickOffice would be the default office suite in all its range of tablets and smart phones. QuickOffice can not only handle Microsoft Office files but can also provide access to the cloud storage system of Google Drive. With an awesome 15 GB of storage offered by Google to users of QuickOffice account, storage space on the cloud is never a problem

So, now it’s your choice to choose the best suited app for you from the above!

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