Top 5 Best & Awesome WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

WhatsApp is unquestionably the best chatting app ever made for Android. Though it is facing a little competition, the possibility of WhatsApp losing its market share anytime soon is surely not going to happen! Furthermore, ever since Facebook has bought WhatsApp, its future looks even more secure. A few changes noted in WhatsApp after the takeover include option to hide your last seen time, profile picture, status and more. But there is a lot more one can do with WhatsApp. Read below to discover!

1. Change The Phone Number Linked With WhatsApp

If you picked a new number, but do not want to lose access to groups you have on your old number? You could change just your number.  Go to Settings -> Account -> Change Number -> Now type both your new and old and hit ‘Done’.

2. Sending Conversation History Via E-mail

It is possible for you to email a conversation to anyone. In the ‘Menu’ option, click on ‘More’ and select ‘Email Conversation’, before you enter the email address of the recipient.

3. Use WhatsApp Without Using Your Phone Number

Yes, using WhatsApp without using your phone number is possible. Once you download WhatsApp, you can block the verification message WhatsApp sends you by moving your android to flight mode. This would make WhatsApp chose an alternative means for verification. You can get yourself verified through email. Give in your email ID and click on the ‘send’. Now, do not wait even for a second and click on to the ‘Cancel’ button. This would terminate the authorization process. Now you would have to do some message spoofing. Enter the mobile number for which you wish to create an account. You will receive messages for the spoofed number of your phone. Enter this number in WhatsApp and communicate with people!

Top 5 Best & Awesome WhatsApp Tips & Tricks

4. Hack A Friend’s Conversation

For this you would have to navigate through your friends MICROSD card. There you would find WhatsApp and on clicking Database. There, you would find two files


Copy these twodata files from your friend’s mobile phone and now you could access their older chat conversations.

5. Send Two Images In One

Ever received an image which is first a hot chic and on clicking changes to a monkey? There is no trick about this, but an app behind it, the ‘Magiapp tricks for WhatsApp’ available on Google Play Store. Using this, you could hide your best picture inside others!

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