Top 5 Best Mac Tools to Tweak your PC

Already Mac operating system have plenty overwhelming features built in for users, there are few of third party Tools that should be with every Mac users. These Tools work varies from cloning your hard drive, better features to handle your desktop, to remove international language files you do not need and etc.

So lets go out and watch out for the best Mac OS tools available online.

1. Monolingual

When we install Mac OS it is installed with default international set of languages available. Users can able to keep languages they want and remove unwanted languages files using this Tool. By using this Tool users can get lots of megabytes of free space wasted in storing all international languages. All users have to do is select the checkbox of language to be remove and click remove button, that’s it. Download

2. GeekTool

Most of us use desktop as a space for saving files and displaying wallpapers, this Tool comes with the idea of efficient usage of desktop by full customization, display date, time and display tweets from your tweet account. There are lots of information to display using this, new users may not get at first time but after that you won’t be using your Mac without this Tool. I recommend this Tool be must used. Download

3. Permanent Eraser

When you delete a file, file shows it gets deleted by this files are not really fully disposed their part of file or whole of it reside. By using Apple secure empty trash users are deleting, within that sensitive part of files which is left out or which has not been moved to trash resides and wastes our hard drive space. Permanent Eraser provides security over deleting by using Guttmann method. By using this method once you delete files it can no longer be read through traditional means. Download

4. Loginox

Users are bored of seeing same image of Mac login screen, can change it using this Tool within simple steps. Although it can be done in manually by Geeky stuff, Loginox involved only drag and drop steps to setup your dragged page to be login screen from your next login. Download

Top 5 Best Mac Tools to Tweak Your PC

5. Carbon Copy Cloner

Apple’s incredible Mac OS doesn’t get hang usually ,but it is worth to backup your hard drive. Although it seems your hard drive price seems to be lesser than buying iPod Nano. With the  use Carbon Copy Cloner users can make of bootable copy of entire hard drive without taking hands from your mouse. Download

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