Top 5 Best Media Players for Windows 8 PC

With every release of a new Operating system comes in the best suitable application and browsers for it. So here I would like to discuss about the best media player for windows 8 OS. Well in the beginning of the release of windows 8, there weren’t much application available in the market. But at time passed best applications got unleashed and here your hunt stops for finding the best media player for windows 8.

1. Multimedia 8

Multimedia 8 as the name suggests is a multi-media application for windows 8. It is available free of cost, it contains features like media playback from libraries, media server support from streaming. It allows you to convert the video to MP4 and WMV format. It also allows you to trim and capture audio and video files. They also have the option to play music from Windows Phone 8 to Multimedia 8. Download this

2. Total Media Theatre 5

This application provides you with total support for Blu-ray, DVDs, AVCHD, 3D slideshows etc. It contains all the advanced features along with the basic features of any media player. You will be able to play files from local machine or on a UPnP server with the help of this app. It also has the capacity to convert the low resolution videos to highest quality possible. With no doubts, this is the best media player for windows 8. But the cost of the app is set to $99.99. Hence this act as a hindrance and people may jump to a little cheaper media player in the market. Download this

Top 5 Best Media Players for Windows 8 PC

3. Cyberlink Power DVD

It is a mobile version player for windows 8. If you are a windows 8 user on tablets, then this is the right choice. It is a touch friendly app which has extended its support to windows 8. It has the capacity to support MKV, MPEG-2, Blu-ray disc etc making it the best media player. You can go for a 30 day trail pack and then invest on this app if this satisfies your taste. Download this

4. Metro Media Player

This is a app you are looking for, if you don’t want to play for any media player. It has all the features for you to use on PCs and Tablets. It has good touch responding capacity. You can play almost all types of audio and video files. You also have the option zoom-in and zoom-out videos. You also have an option of playing videos or audio files using the URL links. Overall, it is a good app with all general features in it. Download this

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