Top 5 Call Recorder Apps for Android

Recording your phone calls comes handy on numerous occasions. Like the shopping list your wife gave you over the phone, some official discussions, or any arguments. Few app could even convert the recorded audio files and email them. Quite a few smart phones come with a built in call recording option, but for those which do not, we have listed below 5 of the best call recording app available on the Play store.

1. Record My Call

Apart form the usual recording, Record My Call also provides cloud storage support. It comes with Dropbox and Google Drive support enabling online backup of recorded calls. You have the option manual recoding and filtering of calls between contacts you wish to record. But this app has a problem-it may not work on all smart phones, so do check out the website for compatible handsets. This is a free app.

2. Galaxy Call Recorder

A nice polished interface and loads of other functions like sharing via SkyDrive, Google Drive and others, disabling call recording when plugged onto Bluetooth or headset, disabling records by contacts etc, this is a very simple and nice app to use. But, as it uses Android Standard API, two way recording works well only on certain devices like Galaxy S5/4/3/2, Samsung Note 3/2. This is a free app.

3. Easy Voice Recorder

This simple and easy to use app offers more than just call recording like recording of meetings, personal notes, or any other details too. You could share and manage your recordings easily and back them up. Recording could easily happen in the background, via a simple widget on the home screen. All recording happen in the high quality PMC and AAC formats. You could even buy the pro version and enjoy many more extended features. The basic app is free and the pro costs you $3.99.

Top 5 Best Android Call Recorder Apps

4. Total Recall – Call Recorder

This app allows recording calls straight from the line other than the microphone, hence making audio quality higher. Securing its place as the most popular app since 2004, this app has a 5-step wizard installation, facilitating both side recording. This app even shows call date, time, number and name of the other party. With an EverNote account, online upload and self email too is possible.
This app offers a Free 14 Day Trial and the pro costs you $9.95.

5. Automatic Call Recorder

Recording, saving or deleting calls was never easier without Automatic Call Recorder. Along with setting to default record calls from particular parties, you could add notes and even share calls. Storing details in the cloud is possible through dropbox. With options like Record Everything (Default), Ignore Contacts and Ignore everything, this app has it all! The basic app is free and the pro costs you $6.99.

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