Top 5 Free Family Games for Android Users

A Smartphone you own is a great way to kill time too, not only for you alone, but for the whole family. The Google Play store offers loads of such free and interesting games. Find below listed 5 such games, which are not the ‘lite’ version kinds where in you play a few levels for free and later pay up to buy the whole version once you are slowly addicted to them!

1. Clash of Clans

If you are someone who enjoys strategy games, Clash Of Clans is just perfect for you. This is a real time multiplayer online strategy game. The game revolves around building your village and defending it from any kind of attacks. You also have to train your troops to attack other players. This game has a huge online community of players hooked to it, making it the biggest selling point of the game. Download this App from Apple Store.

2. Dots

If you are tired of those Candy Crush Saga-type puzzle games, that end up flooding your inbox with invites, it is time you give Dots a try. This is the latest puzzle game on the floor. It is smart and good looking too. The concept behind the game is quiet simple. You just have to join the dots of the same color within duration of 60 seconds. You get limited number of moves and time for the task. You get bonuses for tracing closed loops, and could spend the dots you gather for powerups once you are out of moves. You could also connect online via the game to play it in multiplayer mode. This is a easy, highly accessible, sharply designed, fun, engaging and addictive game! Download this App from Apple Store.

Top 5 Best & Free Family Android App and Games

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies is based on a protecting your back lawn. You have hordes of peas and sunflowers and a lot of thinking goes into the choice of plants, their placing before the attack begins. This game takes you back in time where you have to defend against zombies dressed in era garb. You have to employ all sorts of mechanics as the zombies are getting smarter to challenger your tactics. Each round has separate terrain features to maintain the freshness appeal. In all this game fun to play and involves a lot of strategic planning. Download this App from Apple Store.

4. Real Racing 3

If you are looking for some serious stimulation and love motoring, Real Racing 3 is just the game for you. If you use a high end android device, the jaw dropping visuals of the game would give you a realistic driving feel along very real circuits and campaigns. The name real racing is just perfect for the racing experience you would feel! Download this App from Apple Store. Download this App from Apple Store.

5. Ready Steady Bang

This game is simple, yet a lot of fun. It is based on the good old gunfight in the good ‘ol western style showdown. It is all about a quick and controlled finger. You could also play the game with another player on the same phone and have double the fun! Download this App from Apple Store.

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