Top 5 Health & Fitness Android Apps to Download

Supplement more years to your lifetime by staying healthy day in, day out. These 5 health and fitness android apps are specially selected to provide you peace of mind, liberate you from internal pain, boost your positive emotions and stay fit. Explore these android apps right away.

1. Daily Yoga

Welcome spiritual, emotional and physical strength to your life everyday with Daily Yoga android app. It helps you unleash the real power of your body and mind. This app becomes your yoga instructor, suggest you to choose from 50 yoga classes and provides instructions to do a pose perfectly. Anyone can do yoga easily. It also has specially tailored yoga poses for fitness, weight loss, strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance and menstruation. Get from Playstore.

2. Stretch Exercise

The combination of a smartphone, this android app and a chair is sufficient to rehabilitate your body to the next level. It suggests you over 40 stretching poses, which can help you to decrease stress, increase circulation in your body, reduce muscle tension and increase your energy. It has special stepwise instructions for every stretch exercise. Just tap on the target area, see the stretch exercise, follow the instructions and do it daily. Get from Playstore.

3. Daily Body Workout

Make your body an effective body building equipment with Daily body workout android application. It has 10 minutes and 5 minute workouts for your entire body. You can use this to tone your abs, arms, butt and leg workouts. Besides this, it also has cardio workouts as well. It has clear videos to provide you the entire insights of your workouts. Get from Playstore.

Top 5 Best Health & Fitness Android Apps

4. Virtual Gym

Less time, less equipment, less knowledge about workouts, don’t worry anymore. Install this app. It has workouts even for 7 and 15 minutes. It also gives you a list of exercises, which can be done with dumbbells, bodyweight and a barbell. It also has many home workouts. It also helps you track workouts for daily and monthly basis. Get from Playstore.

5. Nike training club

Your smartphone can now connect you with Nike’s Master trainers and suggest you over 100 workouts. It also gives you the necessary motivation to lift your body and move for exercise. You can create your profile, stay on track of the programs, download and share your workouts within a few clicks. Get from Playstore.

Final word

Start your day with yoga, then follow it by stretching your muscles, perform some body weight and gym exercise to stay healthy in your life. These 5 apps will help you unleash the real power of you.

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