Top 5 iPhone Games for Toddlers

Well, children nowadays are very quick learners and are adapting to the changing trend of the technology very fast than expected. Worried on how to keep your kid busy? Worried on how to get the best out of the best for your kids through mobile phones (Need not to mention, mobile phones are now the best preferred toys for kids of towards century)? Then here I list the best iPhone Games for Toddlers which will not only keep your kid busy, but will also act as educational medium.

So, here are few Top most iPhone games for Toddlers

1. Pictureka

Though you will not find this game in the educational applications list, this game does have an innovative way of educating kids. The game features on hidden objects, wherein the player has to identify objects on a particular theme, for example – Home appliances. This game will not only improve your kid’s visual skills, but will also increase the concentration level and will increase their general knowledge about the products around them.

2. AniMatch

This is another educational game highlighting the animal kingdom. This is another simple game wherein the player has to match the pictures of small animals based on their appearance and sound. Playing this will improve your kid’s knowledge on name, appearance and sound of animals, so your kid is going to be all set to successfully pass the kinder garden interview easily. This game features on improving kid’s memory power and understanding the graphics and recognizing sound ability.

Top 5 iPhone Games for Toddlers

3. Tozzle

Toozle, as the name depicts is a puzzle having variety of levels to build interest among kids. The puzzle is easy and understandable to kid levels and contains variety of general objects and images. Tozzle can engage kids for longer duration has there are multiple levels with each level becoming more and more interesting. This game improves your kids shape recognition abilities and motor activities.

4. Fish School HD

This Fish School HD has fishes at sea level which will change their position to depict many different shapes, color, size, numbers and alphabets to teach the difference between all of them. The game is very attractive graphic wise and has shown a remarkable improvement in increasing the differentiation abilities among kids.

5. Ballony Word

This ballony word has a hanging monkey who will hand around the sky with balloons. This game targets on improving children’s vocabulary and spell check. Every balloon will have letters depicted on them showcasing different spelling every time. This game is for kids between 6 to 10 years of age and can act as a major contributor in improving your kids spell check and vocabulary.

So, the above listed were among the best 5 educational games to help improve your children’s knowledge. I am sure this would have relieved you from the tension of children misusing and wasting their time, simply rolling around with unwanted and useless games in mobile phones.

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