Top 9 Android Map Apps for Better Navigation(Online & Offline)

Android mobile are the most widely spread trend of today’s world. Every body likes to prefer best android phones with best Android Applications in it. One of the most used and seen Android apps is “Maps”. There are variety of maps available with different and flexible features in it. So, here are the top 9 Android Apps on Maps for your Mobile.

1. aMetro – World Subway Maps

If you have this Android App in your mobile, then you need not worry about the destination you would like to go. You can free mindedly pick your bag and baggage’s and can set for world tour. It shows maps of around 180 cities in the world.

You can place your request and it will provide results based on your preference, for example: You would like to visit a café, then it will result in all the cafe’s nearest to your current location. Features to mention for this Android app can be its zooming capabilities, Multilanguage support, SD/USB card storage etc.

2. BackCountry Navigator PRO GPS

Backcountry Navigator PRO can be described as a 24*7 service which will provide you with all types of location you wish to retrieve from this App. It has PRELOADED free offline topo maps, driving directions instantly, aerial maps, road maps all stored in your storage card.

The GPS contain Aerial photography, Survey explorer maps, topographic maps, Open Streetmaps, outdoors maps and ATV trail maps. It is rated as one of the best Stand-alone application which will cost you only around $9.99.

3. Maps (+) / Maps (-)

Top 9 Android Map Apps for Better Mobile Navigation

This Android Apps is made for and most suited for the person who switch place frequently, that is because you can use this app even hen you are not under network coverage.

Maps(+) is known for its idle usage for international roaming. . It has recursive map caching, GPS location and multiple maps source. You can save your maps in SD cards hence providing off-grid navigation. You can access various location such as Global Positioning System on the device, cellular network database to determine an approximate device location.

Maps(-) has all new functioning capabilities which maps (+) has including location, storage and network communication. It acts well as an alternative to Google maps because it doesn’t crash instantly the way Google maps crash, provides fast result. It can be termed as an offline map which can be used offline and can be saved in SD cards.

4. MapQuest

Map Quest is known for its feature which is available to for free. The voice maps instruction is the specialty of this apps, you can give in the input as the place you would like to visit and then can start walking/driving towards your destination.  you can give in the input as the place you would like to visit and then can start walking/driving towards your destination.

Your app will automatically direct you through voice when you are suppose to take turn in any particular direction, if by chance you take a wrong turn then you will also be directed to correct your mistake.  Apart from this, you can also carry on your other activity on your mobile like playing music or making/receiving a call etc.

5. ArcGIS

This map will provide you with many maps layers and data in it. . Users can edit the features and attributes while operating on this apps and performing inspection. Apart from this you can also perform data editing and data collection.

Some of the features of this map are you can update the GIS data, can also use intelligent form-based data entry driven by ArcGIS data models, can also attach movies or photos to your collection etc.

6. RMaps

RMaps are nothing but navigation tools which provides us with two modes, Offline mode and Online mode. Online Maps is used to fetch maps based on the location required by you. Offline Maps Viewer can be used to draw your own maps on PC which can be stored and used for later use.

This map is very simple to use and has an accurate speed of providing results. The information provided by this app is very accurate and detailed. Features contained in this Android Apps are It can auto rotate in driving directions, provides auto-follow functionality, can auto-rotate in northern direction.

7. Maps With Me

This is an offline Map, so a user can use this without any network coverage around them. This app has a compressing method that allows downloading maps in seconds. Once installed you can get instant maps of the place you visit.

This Application is known for its Speed and accuracy. The data is stored locally, so you will never have to worry about hidden roaming charges or the quality of your network data connection anytime.

8. Gaia GPS

This Android App has topographical maps software to give you highly detailed maps that you can select and download for offline use. It also provides instant location and progress of your location every second. It allows you to take instant pictures and displays you the coordinates, sunrise or sunset, pace and moving time.

You will require an external GPS attachment in order to record tracks, else you will be able to view maps and waypoints, but you cannot record tracks. Drawback to mention is if this app keeps running in your mobile continually then the battery life will get reduced drastically.

9. MyDirections

MyDirection are the results of Google Maps with additional features and improvement. Google Maps always had a complain about the App getting crashed. Therefore this app was developed as an extension toward it. The major change is they don’t use Google map as its base layer, so it looks different from the Google Map.

Something which is attracting about this MyDirection maps is you will get directions of your destination without typing. The phone book list will get loaded into this map, so it becomes very easy to reach the destination mentioned in your phone book for an example it will show the direction to your friends place when you mention your friends name in this App.

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