Upload Bulk Photos & Videos to Facebook with iLoader Facebook Android App

Well who in the world does not use Facebook. It’s the most addictive and the most popular Social Networking site at the present moment on this planet. Do you love uploading photos and videos of your friends and families onto Facebook? Well it must be tedious task for you to select each photo or a video and then upload it.

But now this is a past thing because now you can upload bulk or multiple photos and videos to Facebook with iLoader for Facebook Android Apps. It has also got some of the coolest User Interface along with the amazing sound effects. So let us see some of the features iLoader for Facebook provides for various users.

Features of iLoader for Facebook

iLoader Facebook Upload Bulk Photos and Videos Android App

  • With this Mobile Apps it has become easy to upload multiple photos in bulk with super fast uploading speed.
  • You have all the options for editing photos like crop, rotate and flip. And you can tag your friends and families with this Mobile Apps.
  • You can also perform various other editing options for photos with this Mobile Tools such as adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color, sharpen and much more.
  • You can add some user defined text and draw on the selected photos before uploading them to give a new look.
  • This Mobile Apps has the feature to set privacy from within the iLoader app.

One of the best striking features of this Mobile Tools is that it continues to upload the user’s selected photos in the background even after the user exits from the app and thus saves time. You can pause and resume the process for photo uploads and hence gives the better and user friendly experience.

Now when it comes to video upload you can upload full resolution videos easily. It has a options to playback the video before the upload to make sure it is perfectly working. With this Mobile Tools it has the option to add video titles, descriptions and set privacy. Likewise photo uploading options, for video uploads also has the same options like pause and resume while in progress and other such options. You can download iLoader for Facebook Android Apps from the following official link given below

iLoader Facebook Upload Bulk Photos and Videos Android App

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