Web 3.0 Experience with DSV PHP Editor For Windows PC

Programming is an essential skill for developing an application and web designing.  Programs can be written in ordinary text editors like Notepad, Wordpad, vi, pico etc. However for writing programs efficiently and quickly we are in need of an editor which help users with syntax highlight syntax check and output preview option.

DSV PHP EDITOR is a softwar tool for creating, viewing, editing and debugging PHP scripts, HTML, CSS, Java Script and SQL pages. DSV PHP EDITOR is comfortable both for amateurs and professional programmers. Editor supports Unicode characters that are not present in other editors commonly used.

Free Download DSV PHP Editor For Web 3.0 Windows XP Vista 7

Features of DSV PHP Editor

1. PHP Scripts, HTML, XML, Java Script, CSS, SQL Syntax Highlighting

DSV PHP EDITOR originally developed for PHP scripts, but it supports HTML and other client side scripting languages. This editor offers syntax highlight, auto complete & debugger for all supporting languages.

2. MySQL Explorer and MySQL Query builder

MySQL feature allows editor to view or output the database in MySQL. MySQL Query builder allows to trigger a database query in graphical by in dialog box.

3. Advanced Source Code Editor with Code folding Support

This feature permits not only to create PHP scripts, it can also able to open, edit existing files and debug them. Code folding gives users to write Multiline queries, able to view long program coding as folded to next line for ease view to user.

4. Built-in FTP Client

Prebuilt FileTransferProtocol client permits to create connection remote  computers and open files & debug them.

5. Direct Edit/Open/Save and Preview files from FTP

Instead of using third party software to access remote files via this we can able to open/edit/save and preview files in FTP window. Upload local directory to FTP

6. Code Explorer

Code Explorer permits viewing all classes, functions, variables, requires used in a script quickly in a suitable way. Double-click on the function name, variable  name to navigate in the code.

7. Project Manager

Editor allows user to classify and edit your projects, view and edit files locally/ remote login and publish project or publish selected project files to FTP server.

8. Snippets/Code templates

Editor has inbuilt code templates which helps programmer by providing keyword and its purpose and provides auto complete option.

9. Clipboard Monitoring

Permits user to track of clipboard contents.

10. One-click run, debug and Syntax check

Editor offers debug and syntax check efficiently for tester & form validation process.

System Requirements for DSV PHP Editor

Operating system: Windows 8, Windows 2000, Windows7 32 Bit, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

Language: English

Ram: 512 MB and above

Disk space: 35 MB free disk space

Download DSV PHP EDITOR from the following download link

Free Download DSV PHP Editor For Web 3.0 Windows XP Vista 7

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