Which PSP Games Should You Try to Get Rid of?

If you’re thinking of updating your PSP to a newer gaming handheld or console, why not trade in some of your old games first? The PSP had a huge number of games released for it, but many of those games flew under the radar of mainstream gamers.

There are some great PSP games out there and because they didn’t attract a lot of attention on release, they are quite valuable now. If you aren’t a collector and are happy to sell those games on, you could be sitting on a small goldmine.

It can be hard to part with old games, but if you’re strapped for cash it’s worth doing. Make sure you get the best value for your favourite titles.

If you’re looking for money for your old PSP games, check your collection for these titles.

1. Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner

The original box for Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner (the one with the Atlus branding) could fetch a good trade-in price. Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner is a pokemon-like turn based RPG. It had a fairly small print run and it’s difficult to track down in game stores.

2. Ys I and II Chronicles

Ys I and II were originally released on the Turbo Grfx CD and they were incredibly popular – so popular that they’ve now been released on the Wii Virtual Console, Nintendo DS and even the PC. While some people are happy to buy digital distribution versions of the game, collectors love their boxes and that’s reflected in the price of this title.

3. Harvest Moon Boy and Girl

The Harvest Moon series of games has a huge following. Harvest Moon Boy and Girl was released on the Game Boy Advance and the original PlayStation, as well as on the PlayStation Network and the PSP. If you’re looking to get rid of some PSP games to get some fast cash, this is a good one to trade in. You can always pick up the digital distribution version.

4. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact

This classic fighting game failed to sell as well as Namco Bandai expected, but it was a big hit among Naruto fans. It was the 6th Naruto game to be released on the PC and it featured a wide range of characters from the series. Because it didn’t sell very well, there aren’t that many copies floating around on the second hand market, so trade-in values remain high.

If you’re planning to trade in PSP games, remember that the ones which fetch the best trade-in prices are games with the original publisher branding. Re-released and “classics” titles fetch far lower prices than the original boxes. In addition, you should look for manuals, voucher inserts and any other bonuses that came with your game. If you can’t find the box and only have the UMD, don’t expect to get more than a pound or two for your game.

John Whittle is a games journalist and tech blogger from Carlisle. He is an avid game console collector and urges everyone to check the rarity of the games in their collection. You may get some good money for your old PSP games.

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